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How to Stop Smoking Easily By Phone

Did you know that smoking is and always been a habit? What this really means is that before pills and patches were invented millions of people stopped the smoking habit without struggle and relapse. Smoking is a mind thing and you can’t change a habit with a pill. The few people that do stop smoking today often contine to crave cigarettes and tend to relapse. Isn’t it interesting with all the nicotine replacement products, combined with 8 week stop smoking groups, the success rate is still well below 50%. Before the advent of medication people did not suggest to each…

DID YOU KNOW? Is Stop Smoking a Mind Thing?

Did you know that millions of people stopped smoking 2-3 packs per day before pills and patches were invented? Do you know that people did not complain of irritability, weight gain, and rarely relapsed before nicotine replacement products. Why don’t we see smokers stop permanently as they did a few decades ago?  The cigarettes were even higher in nicotine. The power of expectation and the disbelief in medication to stop the habit are important explanations to this mystery. However, it’s interesting to  note that today there is  one group of people that stop instantly with  “no treatment.” When a woman…

DID YOU KNOW? Pain Relief for Days not Hours

Do you know your brain has natural pain killing chemical that can be released through meditation?  Deep mental relaxation, calming thoughts and therapeutic visualizations can reduce or eliminate pain.  If you experience pain in your legs, back or shoulders the medication goes to your brain.  We can teach you 10 or more mental techniques combined with  Live Meditation By Phone Coaching. Try it Anywhere. Pain Relief for Days Not Hours. Dr. Clinton W. Smith Phone Coach

Did you know you can’t lose weight focusing on being overweight?

How many pounds have you lost dwelling on what you ate two days ago;  berating yourself for eating the wrong thing  and putting an overweight picture on the refrigerator door?  The subconscious part of your mind contain both the picture of the way you want to look and the  large image of yourself.  When you  and focus on the wrong picture you have  the tendency to falter on willpower and gain more weight.  However, if you hold the leaner image of yourself and offered unhealthy food, it’s easier to reject it without the need for willpower. Your subconscious mind is…

Did You Know? Why is your memory so good at home?

All of us have the experience of watching a game show on television where the contestants were asked various questions, and had to give correct answers. As we sit in the comfort, and security of our homes we are able to recall answers to the questions that the contestants on the show are unable to answer. Do we have a better memory than the individual on the show? No, we are simply more relaxed, and at ease with our surroundings. Through our sessions we can teach you  how to rapidly  improve your memory, as well as mentally relax under pressure…

Did You Know? Eliminate Two Words To Change Your Life

As a therapist-coach, I want to share the two most troublesome words that clients use that cause sabotage and distress. They are “What if?” We can use these two words and trigger anxiety and worry about something that may never happen. These words get the imagination involved in a self destructive way. What if I went home tonight, and my spouse handed me a rose, and what if the rose had a thorn on it, and what if I pricked my finger on the rose? What if the finger became infected? What if I couldn’t find a doctor? What if…

How Do You React to Stress?

We are all different and our ways of responding to stress vary as well. There are three general emotional responses to stress. Some people over react and become angry and agitated. They need activities that calm them down. Then there are people when stressed, under react. They become withdrawn, depressed and quiet. Many individuals when stressed tend to freeze or space out. They may alternate between over reacting and under reacting. Speeding up and slowing down; sleeping too much or being sleep deprived. There are healthy coping strategies that utilize the senses to stimulate or to bring calm and quick…

What is Stress-Away By Phone?

There is not a week that goes by that you don’t think or hear someone say, ” I am so stressed, my mind jumps from one thing to another.” Mental stress affects your sleep, appetite, physical health and overall sense of well being. It has been estimated that over 70% of medical visits are stressed related. Stress-Away By Phone is a doctor-directed coaching program that produces mindful relaxation at home or anywhere. It is a unique experience with a calming and effect last for hours after a session. People consistently tell us they felt revitalized and never relaxed like that…

Lose Weight

YOU’VE NEVER LOST WEIGHT LIKE THIS!! BEHAVIORAL WEIGHT LOSS BY PHONE SESSIONS… Trim-Style Behavioral Weight Loss consist of 1-10 private or conference call sessions. This no-diet personalized weight release program can be done any where. It targets and eliminate cravings for sweets, fattening foods, overeating, fast food, eating too fast and late night snacking. This behavioral weight loss and coaching program has been utilized for years to assist diabetics to get control of their blood sugars and A1C. Trim-Style can address lifestyle aspects of physical health that cannot be addressed with medication. Because these phone support sessions empower you with…







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