Psychology of Closing Sales

Close up of business woman hand shaking for making a deal. Outdoors.

Imagine you possess a toolbox that instantly enables you to quickly gain rapport with your clients on multiple levels. A toolbox that instantly and permanently gives yo the confidence to motivate yourself and your clients. However, too often just like a thief, procrastination and stress steals your motivation, opportunities and money. We all know this is a mind thing but do you know how your mind works? When your car needs repair you don’t call a plumber.

For more than 15 years, Dr. Clinton Smith has empowered sales people with both innovative techniques to close more sales and control stress anywhere and at anytime. This is a 3 hour training program that can be divided into two weekly sessions. It can be delivered on-site or through teleconference in the comfort of your home.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to quickly establish subconscious rapport and apply techniques to drive up your sales.
  • How these tools can improve your personal life and sales performance.
  • How to control your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You will actually learn how to push your own buttons.
  • How to permanently lock in your motivation, confidence and the ideal sales person mentality.
  • How to eliminate fear of failure and success.
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and procrastination.
  • How to use the right words at the right time. Know when to use silence and non-verbal communication to increase rapport and sales.
  • How to use creative meditation for goal setting, visualizing change, and implementing new behavior patterns.