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I released 80lbs. with Dr. Smith’s private Weight Loss Coaching and I expect to release 30 lbs more! I eliminated cravings, snacking and large portions. I was amazed that I stopped stress & emotional eating.I knew I had control when for the first time, I learned how to stop thinking about food all the time. From 257 lbs | Size 24 to 177 lbs | Size 12
Thanks Dr. Smith, I lost 75lbs in 7 months and over 100 inches. - EBONY
I lost 50 pounds and I feel more energetic and lighter. I was overweight for 20 years, eating ice cream, chocolate and cookies. Dr. Smith taught me how to easily eliminate fattening foods and sabotaging. Most amazingly I did all my lessons in the comfort of home. Trim Style weight loss was easy and effective. Thank You Dr. Smith. - LINDA SILVERMAN
Thanks Dr. Smith for teaching me how to lose 50lbs in 10 weeks! Your tools will teach me how to lose 25lbs. more. * ~John Brasch
Break-Away Stop Smoking Method Works In 
1-3 Sessions
Break-Away Stop Smoking Method Works In 1-3 Sessions
Tele-Counseling lifts Stress, Anxiety & Depression
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Overcome Stress, Anxiety & Chronic Pain with Techniques that work!!!

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Pain Control Solutions

Tired of Pills & Side Effects? Relief for Days not Hours.

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You've Never Lost Weight Like This!

Eliminate Cravings with Our Smart Techniques

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The Doctor is on Phone for
Nightly Counseling Sessions

Starting at $35

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A Lifesaving Solution!

Stop Smoking Guaranteed or It's FREE!

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Alcohol | Gambling | Test Anxiety

Lifestyle Issues!

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From Stress to Relaxation

In the Home or Office

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Workplace Wellness Anywhere

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Do You have Anxiety, Fear & Pain From a Car Accident?

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Private Counseling Teleconference Therapy from the Comfort of Your Home

Listen Now! (1:18)

Tense, Tired, Can’t Relax and Sleep

The Doctor is the on the Phone For Counseling.

We have conducted hundreds of private, couple and conference counseling sessions by smartphone. These lifestyle changing sessions are flexible for your busy schedule. Get amazing results anywhere you have your smartphone.
– Dr. Clinton W. Smith

  • Use as an Energy Booster After Lunch.
  • Use with a Partner or Group toBreak Any Habit
  • Use to Mindfully Relax After a Long Stressful Day.

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Our innovative techniques & profoundly relaxing sessions work anywhere from your phone! The completion of a program can lead to medication reduction. Never stop a prescription without your doctor’s advice.