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The Back Story on Telephone Counseling

Dr. Clinton Smith began distance private counseling in 2007 from the necessity of maintaining communication with people who sought behavioral change at a church in Colorado Springs, The Church For All Nations. What a blessing that Senior Pastor Mark Cowart wanted his congregation to receive drug-free christian counseling  onsite and by private phone consultation. Numerous christians participated and utilized spiritual meditation, scripture and counseling to reduce pain, overcome stress, addictions etc.

This was the origin of The Peace of God Phone Ministry to reinforce christian counseling sessions that were conducted onsite at CFAN.

For more than two years, I offered monthly consultations in Colorado and at the same time provided telephone counseling for my private practice clients in Montgomery, AL.

Through the powerful combination of psycho-education, cognitive and behavior therapy, as well as mental relaxation, our programs can put you back in control of your health and well-being. When you apply effective psychological techniques consistently it can lead to medication reduction by your doctor.

Now with modern technology and the speed of communication, a behavioral weight loss teleconference can be conducted in Atlanta; a private chronic pain control session in Houston, and a counseling session to lift depression can be conducted in Seattle in a single day. With a phone in hand and just an hour a week…

Your Health Is In Your Hand!

Dr. Clinton W. Smith, Psy.D holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner. He has been engaged in private practice and corporate seminars since 1992.

He has more than 25 years of varied experience in mental health clinics, psychiatric hospitals as a university professor. Dr. Smith blends practical psychological tools and solution-based alternative methods. Dr. Smith can put you back in control over unhealthy habits to achieve results quickly and effectively.

Our programs simply utilize the power of the mind, relaxation techniques, NLP and alternative medicine tools to obtain optimum health. Dr. Smith has conducted hundreds of group seminars on addiction, smoking cessation, weight control, stress management and pain control. Moreover, he has provided consultations on the psychology of sales, memory improvement and workplace wellness.







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