Overcome Depression, Worry & Stress

4-8 Private Session Program
Office or Telephone Counseling


While depression may have a variety of causes, the underlying common denominator is usually a problem of attitude – attitude towards yourself, your life, your work, family and so on. We’re going to help you transform your attitude and perspective so that you become a happier and more positive person. Soon, your new attitude becomes automatic and second nature and you will begin enjoying and living life much more fully. We can teach you how to stop the cycle of worry and stress and control your mind and emotions anytime you wish.


Quickly Overcome Fears, Anxiety & PTSD

4-8 Private Session Program
Office or Telephone Counseling

Your phobia is what we call a “conditioned response.” In other words, over the years your subconscious mind has come to associate a particular situation with feelings…in your case… fear, anxiety, panic, nervousness, etc. What we’re going to do is set up a new conditioned response of calmness, confidence and relaxation in all those particular situations. This way, we give the control back to you. In a very real sense, we’ll be reversing your reactions so that you actually begin to enjoy those situations that you used to fear.

We can help you with all phobias such as driving on the interstate over bridges, flying, dental visits, water, germs, animals and public speaking.

The Missing Piece in Personal Injury

Are You in Pain & Stressed Out From a Traffic Accident?

Your phobia is what we call a conditioned response… Drug-Free Techniques Eliminate

  • Fear of Driving and Another Accident
  • Anxiety PTSD & Acute Pain
  • Loss of Control & Road Rage

The Doctor is on the Phone with Private Group Teleconference Therapy in the Comfort of Your Home!

Effective Techniques Lead to Medication Reduction of Depression, Stress and Anxiety

Dr. Clinton W. Smith, Psy.D.

This private teleconference program is for both patients who were referred by their doctors and those who want to become more active in their healthcare. You can receive a one-hour private consultation with the doctor by phone when you complete this General Registration form. Never stop taking your medication without the recommendation of your doctor.



8 Bi-Weekly Sessions for $35.00 each

Effective Behavioral Techniques Lead to Medication Reduction.

Patients who complete the (8) monthly telephone counseling sessions may have their medication reduced when the doctor assesses for health improvement. Access to the sessions are not secure until the form is complete and payment has been made.

If you desire your physician can receive notification of your participation.

Private phone counseling is not required for teleconference but available for $75.00 per session. Call the office for reinforcement downloads and appointments with Dr.Clinton W. Smith, Psy.D. 334-213-0054.


Learn time-tested strategies that promote lifestyle change.

Private Support Sessions 4-8 & 12

We Get Results in Days Not Months

For Every Problem There Is A Solution.

  • Stop Panic Attacks
  • Reduce Depression
  • Stop Procrastination
  • Stress & Worry Free
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Phobias & Fears No More
  • Sexual Problems
  • Overcome Bad Break-ups

Private Support Sessions

Lifestyle Change With Effective Techniques

  • Stop Smoking Quickly
  • Alcohol & Drug-free
  • Sleep Peacefully
  • Gamble No More
  • Lose Weight for Good
  • Improve Memory
  • Overcome Test Anxiety
  • Smart Pain Control







The Doctor is on the Phone for Counseling & Seminars
Private Office & Video Phone Sessions Available

Dr. Clinton W. Smith, Psy.D

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