We are all different and our ways of responding to stress vary as well. There are three general emotional responses to stress. Some people over react and become angry and agitated. They need activities that calm them down. Then there are people when stressed, under react. They become withdrawn, depressed and quiet. Many individuals when stressed tend to freeze or space out. They may alternate between over reacting and under reacting. Speeding up and slowing down; sleeping too much or being sleep deprived.

There are healthy coping strategies that utilize the senses to stimulate or to bring calm and quick relief. For example, one can become visually moved by going to the park, to a botanical garden or to the beach. Moreover, spend quality time looking at cherished family photos. It is a fact that the senses can be used to change your mood by listening to uplifting music or burning scented candles. Finally, Stress-Away by Phone Sessions promote mental relaxation anywhere. This health and wellness coaching service can assert that when the mind relaxes that body follows.

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